OpenStack Conference Spring 2012 View Full Schedule:

April 18 • Wednesday

  8:00pm –  12:00am V OpenStack Conference Launch Party Public Works

April 19 • Thursday

  9:00am –  9:10am G Conference Welcome and Kickoff Ballroom
  9:10am –  9:35am K Emergence of the OpenStack Ecosystem Ballroom
Speakers: Chris C. Kemp
  9:35am –  10:00am K Ushering in the Open API Economy through HP Cloud Services and OpenStack Ballroom
Speakers: Zorawar 'Biri' Singh
 10:00am –  10:25am U User Story: Deutsche Telekom Ballroom
Speakers: Kurt Garloff
 10:25am –  10:50am K From Blue Skies to Big Deployments Ballroom
Speakers: Mark Shuttleworth
 10:50am –  11:15am K OpenStack - The Revolution is Real Ballroom
Speakers: John Engates, Mark Interrante
 11:15am –  11:40am U User Story: Radio Free Asia Ballroom
Speakers: David Baden
 11:40am –  11:45am G General Session Wrap Up Ballroom
 11:45am –  1:00pm B Lunch Atrium Lobby
  1:00pm –  1:40pm P Panel: OpenStack and Block Storage...Where To From Here? (Seacliff AB) Seacliff AB
Speakers: Caitlin Bestler, Greg Elkinbard, Rob Esker, Vish Ishaya, Tommi Virtanen, Dave Wright
  1:00pm –  1:40pm T Integrating OpenStack To Existing Infrastructure (Seacliff CD) Seacliff CD
Speakers: Hui Cheng
  1:00pm –  1:40pm U OpenStack Gains Momentum: Customers are Speaking Up (Bayview B) Bayview B
Speakers: Kamesh Pemmaraju
  1:00pm –  1:40pm U User Story: San Diego Supercomputer Center (Ballroom) Ballroom
Speakers: Steve Meier, Doug Weimer
  1:50pm –  2:30pm E The Future Federated Cloud - How OpenStack is enabling next-gen scientific and humanitarian computing (Seacliff CD) Seacliff CD
Speakers: Chris MacGown
  1:50pm –  2:30pm R Object Storage State of the Project - Spring 2012 (Bayview B) Bayview B
Speakers: John Dickinson
  1:50pm –  2:30pm T Building Muti-Tenant Virtual Data Centers with Quantum (Ballroom) Ballroom
Speakers: Lew Tucker
  1:50pm –  2:30pm U User Story: Enabling the X.commerce Cloud (Seacliff AB) Seacliff AB
Speakers: Jason Cannavale, Jeromy Carriere
  2:30pm –  3:00pm B Break (Developer Lounge) Atrium Lobby
  3:00pm –  3:40pm E Panel: Winning OpenStack's Second Year Redux (Seacliff CD) Seacliff CD
Speakers: Jonathan Bryce, Devin Carlen, Mark Collier, John Purrier, George Reese
  3:00pm –  3:40pm R OpenStack Quantum for Cloud Operators: What is it? How can it help me? (Ballroom) Ballroom
Speakers: Dan Wendlandt
  3:00pm –  3:40pm T 7 Steps to Roll-out a Private OpenStack Swift Cluster (Seacliff AB) Seacliff AB
Speakers: Joe Arnold
  3:00pm –  3:40pm T It’s 3:00 AM in the cloud. Do you know where your VM is running? (Bayview B) Bayview B
Speakers: Billy Cox
  3:50pm –  4:30pm P Panel: Cloud Operators on OpenStack Networking (Seacliff AB) Seacliff AB
Speakers: Erik Carlin, Ishii Hisaharu, JC Martin, Ken Pepple, Gavin Pratt, Dan Wendlandt
  3:50pm –  4:30pm R Identity State of the Project - Spring 2012 (Bayview B) Bayview B
Speakers: Joe Heck
  3:50pm –  4:30pm T Building a Disaster Recovery Solution Using OpenStack (Seacliff CD) Seacliff CD
Speakers: Jorke Odolphi
  3:50pm –  4:30pm U User Story: Argonne National Laboratory Magellan Cloud (Ballroom) Ballroom
Speakers: nld
  4:40pm –  5:20pm E Like Peanut Butter and Chocolate: TryStack and the API Site (Bayview B) Bayview B
Speakers: Anne Gentle, David Mortman, Jay Pipes, Nati Ueno
  4:40pm –  5:20pm E Panel: Power of Collaboration (Ballroom) Ballroom
Speakers: Gary Chen, Angel Diaz, John Engates, Zorawar 'Biri' Singh, Brian Stevens
  4:40pm –  5:20pm T A Security Analysis of the OpenStack Infrastructure (Seacliff AB) Seacliff AB
Speakers: Shevek, Paul McMillan
  4:40pm –  5:20pm T Scalable Networking for Open Clouds (Seacliff CD) Seacliff CD
Speakers: Randy Bias
  5:30pm –  8:30pm W Juju Charm School (Marina Room) Marina Room
  6:00pm –  8:00pm V Rackspace Hosted Happy Hour (Hyatt Lobby) Atrium Lobby
  9:00pm –  12:00am V Party Rock with DreamHost Roe

April 20 • Friday

  9:00am –  9:40am T OpenStack Deployments with Chef (Ballroom) Ballroom
Speakers: Matt Ray
  9:00am –  9:40am T Panel: High-performance Computing (Seacliff AB) Seacliff AB
Speakers: Steve Crago, Kate Keahey, Gregor von Laszewski, Theodore Omtzigt, Boris Renski
  9:00am –  9:40am U OpenStack Experiences in Australia including Data Sovereignty (Seacliff CD) Seacliff CD
Speakers: Tristan Goode, Phil Rogers
  9:00am –  9:40am U Store. Scale. And (wait for it) Find. Globally Available and Searchable Object Storage (Bayview B) Bayview B
Speakers: Marc Jones
  9:50am –  10:30am E Marketing OpenStack as a Community (Bayview B) Bayview B
Speakers: Gretchen Curtis, Lauren Sell
  9:50am –  10:30am R Compute State of the Project - Spring 2012 (Seacliff AB) Seacliff AB
Speakers: Vish Ishaya
  9:50am –  10:30am T Application Deployment on OpenStack (Seacliff CD) Seacliff CD
Speakers: Rob Hirschfeld, Keith Hudgins, Matt Ray
  9:50am –  10:30am U OpenStack NeCTAR Cloud for Australian Researchers (Ballroom) Ballroom
Speakers: Tom Fifield, Dr. Steven Manos
 10:40am –  11:20am E The Future of Cloud Computing at NASA (Bayview B) Bayview B
Speakers: Ray O'Brien, Karen Petraska
 10:40am –  11:20am P OpenStack Private Cloud Panel (Ballroom) Ballroom
Speakers: nld, Doug Davis, Jan Drake, Ryan Lane, Ross Lillie, David Lutterkort
 10:40am –  11:20am P Panel: Cloud Standards (Seacliff AB) Seacliff AB
Speakers: Mark Carlson, Doug Davis, Chris Ferris, David Lutterkort, Mark Nottingham, David Slik
 10:40am –  11:20am R Dashboard State of the Project - Spring 2012 (Seacliff CD) Seacliff CD
Speakers: Devin Carlen
 11:30am –  12:00pm E Panel: Expanding the Community (Bayview B) Bayview B
Speakers: Yoyo Chiang, Joseph George, Tristan Goode, Masanori Itoh, Stefano Maffulli, Boris Renski
 11:30am –  12:10pm P PaaS, Devops and NoOps -- Oh My! (Seacliff CD) Seacliff CD
Speakers: Derek Collison, Benjamin McGraw, Jesse Robbins, Andrew Clay Shafer, Teyo Tyree
 11:30am –  12:10pm P Panel: The Truths and Myths of Cloud APIs (Seacliff AB) Seacliff AB
Speakers: Adrian Cole, Mark Nottingham, James Urquhart
 11:30am –  12:10pm T Reliable, Redundant: High Availability in OpenStack (Ballroom) Ballroom
Speakers: Florian Haas
 12:15pm –  1:30pm B Lunch & OpenStack Foundation Town Hall Ballroom
  1:30pm –  3:00pm W OpenStack Compute Workshop - Essex Architecture, Use Cases (Marina Room) Marina Room
Speakers: Kirill Ishanov
  1:30pm –  4:00pm W Cancelled: Programming OpenStack Compute API Workshop 1:30 - 4:00 pm Atrium Lobby
Speakers: Jacek Artymiak
  1:30pm –  4:00pm W Swift Install Workshop 1:30 - 4:00 pm (Bayview B) Bayview B
Speakers: Joe Arnold
  2:00pm –  3:00pm E Panel: OpenStack Business Ecosystem (Seacliff AB) Seacliff AB
Speakers: Lars Leckie, Jim Lussier, Joshua McKenty, Bret Piatt, Scott Raney, Dan Scholnick, Dharmesh Thakker
  3:00pm –  5:00pm V Happy Endings (Hospitality Room--Atrium Level) Hospitality Room - Atrium Level